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Why Payed Matters?

Today almost 90%  of retail shoppers begin their searches on digital channels. Internet platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have build their digital infrastructures to help other companies to get their potential customers attention. 

Payed marketing is really effective. A search engine optimized website brings clients interested exactly in company services and goods. A lot of companies contest for their clients on digital field. Since payed marketing is not so expensive, it should be done by specialist to maximize costs and maximize profit. 

Increase website

Get new website visitors and sell them your goods and services  online. 

Get more
phone calls

This type of advertisement will help customer to find company phone numbers and make calls. 

store visits

Meet more visitors in the door with digital ads that help customers find search business on the map.

Our Proccess

                      Step 1

Analyse business and

We start with detailed study of services, products and goals. Then we elicit audiences and key phrases they are searching for.  

                      Step 2

Testing and

According collected material our team create marketing campaign and set up metrics. 

                      Step 3

and adjustments

Our team will continue to monitor and adjust campaign maximize return of investments (ROI). 

Our pricing

There are different types of payed marketing campaigns. They should be selected based on business goals.

You can be focused on:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Product & brand consideration
  • Brand Awareness & reach
  • App promotion

Once goals are determined, the pricing policy should be determined as well. It can be fixed or flexible. 

It is also important how many services, goods and audiences the add should be focused. 

All this factors effect on total budget.

Some marketing agenesis charge a part from a total campaign budget but it can lead to burning the budget. We charge only for hrs we spend.  

Setting up and maintaining digital camping for small business start with 400 $/mo

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